Nichols Pond in the town of Fenner, NY


My sister and I were driving around the other day enjoying the scenery. I decided to turn off the main drag to discover roads and places that I have never been on or seen. We came upon a historic site which is now a lovely park with a pond and trails. I was excited to find it, as I love discovering new places. I always have a craving for new adventures, whether they are big or small.

 The park has tall, mature trees around the perimeter and 2 pavilions along with picnic tables. There are 2 bathroom houses but are very similar to outhouses of the past (no flushing toilet or sink). However its nice to have something when you really have to go! We walked to an opening of the park that led to a boarded walking structure that is slightly above the pond. We were curious as to how deep the pond was and stuck a long stick in it. The sides of course were very shallow but it seemed that it got deeper beyond. It was too hard to get the stick into a deeper part and I was not about to walk in the pond to do it! The water was very dark and murky and that is one of my fears. I am afraid of dark water! Ha! I have always had the fear of not knowing what was underneath dark water, whether it was an alien looking fish, water snake, insects etc. I have a great fear of those things. Yet, if you put a lion in front of me, I want to go pet it. Yes I will most likely lose my hand, arm or life in the process but am not afraid.

Not too far of a walk on the walking deck, you will come to the outlook. It allows a very nice view of nature and the rest of the pond. We did see some Canadian geese flying overhead, a small dead fish in the pond but not much else. It was cold so that is why probably why. We were hoping to see some fish, turtles, toads, etc. We walked around the rest of the park and enjoyed the birds singing and the cool breeze. Next Saturday we hope to go there to have a bbq picnic. There are a few charcoal grills near the picnic table.

There is some interesting history about the land where the park is. I have found some links with the background. Also, am attaching some pictures of Nichols Pond. I did not take the pictures but wanted to share them and added the site link to where I found them. Also, you will be able to see wind turbines in the distance when at the park. Information on the turbines is here: The Fenner Wind Power Facility

History and more information of Nichols Pond Park:




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