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Outside my window...
There is a light breeze, sun is shining, humidity is way done from yesterday. 
Praise God!

I am thankful...
for air conditioning and water on hot summer days!

In the kitchen...
Still too hot to cook but may think of something light later on.

I am wearing...
a green t-shirt and khaki shorts with sandals

I am still creating...
My spare rooms upstairs, one is to be a library/game room
 and the other a guest/craft room. It has been too hot
to go up there to do much lately.

I am hoping...
My husband is having a good day. He went to visit his mom
who lives 2 hours away. He visits her once a month and helps
her with grocery shopping, errands and things around the house.

I am looking forward to...
Our anniversary next month, July 18th. We will be going away
that weekend after the 18th. Hopefully camping!

Around the house...
I am still in the midst of organizing and weeding out clutter. 
I hope to have a garage sale soon but really would hate
to sit in the hot sun for 8 hours! So, I have been slowly
trying to sell things online. 

Quote for today...

The face is a picture, but the heart is a book.

I made this up about 10 yrs ago :)


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  1. Love your quote! Have a great week :)


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