Redecorating Bug

I have the redecorating bug and am actually happy about it.
I have been wanting to paint and change things in my house
since I bought it 4 years ago. It is old fashioned inside, lots
of paneling and boring colors. So, I am going to paint
my nook that is in my kitchen a light yellow and put up
red checked curtains or something similar to that. Now, here
is the bad part.... there is pink, yes I said PINK, tile on the
walls in the kitchen!!! Why would you put PINK in a kitchen??

I have been looking up on how to paint over the tiles because
we can't afford to remove them and have things done over.
So, I guess it says you can paint tiles but you have to
sand them with fine grit sandpaper first then clean them up
really well after sanding. Of course I will need to prime them
after that step.

Has anyone painted over tiles? Is it a pain in the rear to
prep them? Does the paint stay on good afterwards?


  1. Oh it must be in the air. I painted some furniture this weekend and have been trying to decide how to add another splash of color to my kitchen.

  2. My home isn't anywhere near redecorating ready. I still have to gut the upstairs, repair the porches and finish the downstairs. Ugh!

    Pink tiles, wow. LOL. I've seen worse, if that's any comfort. I have no idea how to paint tiles but abrading them sounds the way to go. You'd probably have to use epoxy paint to make sure it sticks. You can't remove the tiles?

    Have fun!


I look forward to your comments!