Need opinions... Our house is old fashioned. There are light pink tiles in the kitchen, yes you heard that right, I didn't do it, they were here when I moved in. I was thinking of sanding down the tiles, priming them and painting them. A friend suggested removing them but I feel that is too much work lol. So, here is a picture of the pink that is in my kitchen. In this pic, the people used silver and gray to tone the pink down. What are your opinions on this color scheme? Yay or nay?
 Should I embrace the pink and work with it OR paint the tiles????


  1. If it was me, I would either remove the tiles or leave them intact. Painting them sounds... very temporary. All it would take is a couple of chair bumps or a kid's toy banging the wall and the paint would come off them, right? And since they are the backsplash, how would you scrub them clean?

    I wish I had more to offer in color schemes, though! Pink is kind of... well, pink. lol. Maybe browns and reds would detract from the pinkiness?

    Good luck! :)

  2. I was thinking brown as well. I will go to the paint store and look at different color palettes to see the brown and reds with the pink.

    Thanks Becky!


I look forward to your comments!