Made in the USA

Its very hard to find clothes that are made in the USA nowadays, agree?

Its even hard to find other products that are also made here!

For those who read my blog and live outside of the USA, its not that
we think we are better than another country but we have lost
millions of jobs here. We need to help get those jobs back and
also support the employers who make products here.

So, I will be posting various sites and companies that make
most if not all of their products in the USA. Lets join together
and help our fellow citizens who work hard right here in the
good ole USA!!!!!

All American Clothing Company

Made in the USA Forever

American Aisle

Stay tuned for more companies that I will be spotlighting. 
On the right side of this blog, you will see the Categories
section, there you will find all of the Made in the USA

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  1. Not to be shouting with glee, but

    AGREE!!! AGREE!!! AGREE!!!

    Thanks for posting this and sharing Made in the USA companies for us to support.


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