Glorified Names for Jobs

How come all of a sudden the word barista is so trendy? Anyone who serves drinks is now calling themselves a barista. Barista is of Italian origin, do you speak Italian or are you from Italy? Do you prepare specialty drinks? If not then sorry you are not a barista, you are just a plain ole employee providing customer service. Is it just me or are others annoyed by these trendy, glorified name changes for their jobs?
Going to poke some fun at myself and think of some glorified name changes for my work. 
Pharmacy technician=medical technologist/Medicinal assistant/pharmaceutical collaborator/apothecary colleague/remedy artisan/legal drug dealer
Babysitter=child guidance provider/child security officer/nurturing assistant/tending support
Would love to hear yours!


  1. Years ago my job title was clerk. I did it all. A couple of years ago it was office manager. I did it all. I have always volunteered. Now I'm Homemaker. I do it all (and it's stuff I really want to do). Life is much more fun. But you say homemaker to anyone and they drop your IQ by 50 points. (Combined with my southern accent/Texas twang - I'm sure there are people who marvel at the fact that I can dress myself.) Sorry, you've pushed one of my buttons.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I enjoyed this. I think I am going to work on some funny titles for my job, too. LOL

  3. c.Joy I only work part time outside the home. I used to work full time and had another part time job on the side. I was always stressed out, anxious and bad moods were like my buddy. I am SO GLAD that my focus now is being a homemaker. I proudly tell anyone who asks.

    Heck, I even bought 2 second hand sewing machines recently
    so that I can learn to sew curtains, clothes, gifts etc.

    I think that all women should be homemakers if its possible. It relieves so much stress due to being able to focus on the home. Working full time then coming home trying to manage a home is like being in a battle. I did it for years and don't miss it. No wonder why I would get so burnt out and depressed. But I love my life now and am so happy and thankful that God has given me the opportunity to focus on my home.


I look forward to your comments!