Feeling Crafty!

I have been wanting to do crafts for awhile now.
I don't have a craft table yet (my generous sis in
law is giving me hers soon!) so I have to make
do with my kitchen table. Eeek! Know what that
means.... Stuff all over the place and messy.
I decided to do some anyways. :) Sometimes
you just have to embrace the messiness.

I am not very good at crafts. I can't make my own
without inspiration from magazines or websites.
Once I see some ideas though, I get excited.
Of course my crafts NEVER come out as good
as theirs. However, I am learning to be happy
with my creations, as imperfect as they are.
If everything was perfect then it would be
boring right?

So, here are some pics of my crafty times
over the past week and today. I took these
with my cell phone so they are not the
greatest in regards to color. I could have
taken them with the digital camera but the
batteries have to be charged.

So here ya go...and if you chuckle too much
at my failed attempt at art abilities then
I shall surely find you and hmmm
I don't know... paint your house, car and
kids lime green? ; )

Collage plaque
Hot Chocolate Art
Pitcher Art
Lilac Art (the background looks blue but its actually purple)
Birdie (the colors are much better in real life, honest!)

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  1. I can relate... see things and think, why couldn't I do that? But it doesn't usually turn out nearly as well as I wish. But I hope with practice I'll improve.
    Your bird is especially cute, and I love the pinwheel!


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