Dandelion Greens

Has anyone ever made dandelion greens? Did you like them?
Do they taste similar to anything?

I found a recipe for dandelion greens and was thinking
of trying it but would like some feedback first.

Here is the recipe:
Dandelion Greens Recipe


  1. I have used them raw in salad with a mixture of other greens. Since there was a variety of greens, the dandelion leaves did not stand out.

    I have never sauteed them or done anything else with them (I have been told they are wonderful wilted in some bacon grease, but we don't eat pork, so never tried it).

    The main trick is to make sure they are young, new leaves. Otherwise they will be bitter. And of course wash them well.

  2. I have eaten them in a salad before. They tasted a little bitter but not bad at all. I have heard that the big leaves should be avoided because they at bitter; the young leaves are better.

    Did you know that there were no dandelions in North America? The pilgrims brought them over as an edible plant! Whoops!

  3. I never knew that the pilgrims brought them over.

    I was thinking of how to make them useful instead of
    just ruining the lawn lol.

    So the smaller leaves are considered young leaves
    then correct?

    Did you see the recipe, I wonder if the
    ingredients would take the bitterness out?

  4. Thanks ladies for the comments!


I look forward to your comments!