You are in the spotlight!

If you have noticed that past couple of posts I have been asking your input. Why? Well, I love hearing about others! We bloggers tend to blab so much about ourselves and our lives that we need to make time for you, our readers. Its really fun getting to know who reads what we write. So, please don't be shy. I love reading comments, it makes me realize that people DO read this blog and am not talking to myself :)

So, this post is asking you for your favorite recipe. Something that you have made already and have made it more than 3 times. Is this a family recipe or something that you found?
Did you add any of your own tweaks to it or kept it as the original?

Can't wait to hear from people and hopefully I can try out your recipes soon!! Be aware that one of my faults is to procrastinate so I may not run out and buy the ingredients right away.
Even if I try one recipe, that is a goal ! :)

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