Work From Home?

I used to dream about being able to work from home. Have you?

Winter was always on my bad side because of having to shovel,
warm up the car, clean the snow off and then brave the messy
roads! The company that I used to work for had some people
working from home but they were managers or executives.
We little people only sat and dreamed of it. Every year my
office staff would bring up the idea of allowing some of us
to do a trial period to work from home. It was always turned
down. But each year we tried again with hope.

Since I have left the company, they have allowed quite a few
people to do the work from home thing. A lot more than I
expected for them to agree to. It figures right? I leave and the
possibilities are higher. Just my luck!

Currently I work outside the home part time. I also provide
daycare for a friend's daughter during the week. She goes to
preschool so during the day I am free until she gets off the
bus in the afternoon. I was thinking that either I can take on
more hours at my part time job or find a work at home job.

I have found some websites that do offer legitimate jobs.
Most of the jobs are in the field of customer service or
admin assistant. I have applied for a couple and have
passed some on to a fellow blogger/friend who also
desires to work from home. I am excited but also nervous
to enter this opportunity if I am offered a position.
Think positive and try it I remind myself. It's not like
I have to be stuck with it if I don't like one position.

One thing that I hate seeing are pictures of so called
people working from home with their kids hanging
all over them. This is not possible! An employer
will want you to work just like as if you were in
their building. A lot of scam companies post these
pictures to try to entice you into their scam.
There are some legitimate opportunities out there
but there are also scams. Do the research needed.

Have you worked from home or are you looking to
work from home? Do you have any tips for those who
haven't done it before? What are your pros and cons
on the idea?

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