Top 5 Annoying things on the internet!

Ugh! I am sure all of you have seen such stupid ads or scams
on the Internet. The ones that make your stomach turn or
make you grimace at the screen. We are sick of them!

I wonder who in the world would believe these things
and click on them! Believe it or not there are people
that do! That is why they are still out there.

Here are my top 5 annoying things that make me cringe:

  1. Work from home ads that feature a parent with kids hanging all over them. The parent is at the computer smiling with a cup of coffee! Yeah right!
  2. Popup ads that say you are a winner of an Ipod or computer etc. Some of these ads even have a voice talking. It always scares the heck out of me!! I think where is that voice coming from????? Gahhhh!!!
  3. The forwarded emails or posts on Facebook that say if you forward this email/post then Microsoft (or some other rich company) will donate 10 cents each time to cancer research (or some other thing that will surely tug at your heart). How in the world do you think these emails can be tracked? There is no way for any company to know how many times an email or post was forwarded! We really have some naive people in this world or people who just like to follow the crowd.
  4. "How I made almost $10,000 by working only 3 days on my site" - an actual ad. Of course you have to buy the book to learn the secret! The secret is selling books with eye catching, get rich quick phrases! (Say that 10 times fast) LOL.
  5. The pretend warnings: "Your computer is infected with a virus. Click here to use the Windows virus scan" or something similar. Guess what, click it and get a virus! A real antivirus software does not just pop up like that or have sirens flashing. These things try to scare the heck out of you to get you to click them. Be careful !

I know there are so many more annoying things out here on the Internet. I figured I would make a list of 5. Otherwise I would be typing this post all day. What silly things do you get annoyed with? Yes, I will admit that back in the day I fell for a couple things. So, don't be embarrassed if you fell for some too. I would love to hear your rants!

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