Happy Wives Club

I just found an inspirational blog the other day.
I think its wonderful.
After being bombarded with shows about miserable
marriages, its refreshing to see this blog.

Why is it that bad news seems to be the trend lately?
People love to watch crumbling marriages, families,
businesses etc. Very sad.

 Before you think that the blog is about
Leave It To Beaver types, think again.
Happy wives are not robots. We are real.
We have good and bad days. We have problems
in our daily lives just like others. We get irritated
with our spouses. Sometimes we want to go to
a deserted island for a short time. We struggle
just like anyone else.

The difference is that we choose to be happy
despite the challenges and struggles.
We learn every day and grow. We refuse
to listen to others who want us to just throw
in the towel. Giving up is easy, staying for the
long haul is hard work. But it plants and
reaps happiness.

Enough of me babbling, go check out the
blog, you will be so glad that you did. It may
just put a new perspective on your marriage.
Happy Wives Club

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