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I have been eating better than I used to.
Although I love healthy food, it is expensive. Isn't that sad? Thankfully we have an Aldi grocery store near us which has really good prices on fruit and vegetables. If I had a backyard I would be planting vegetables in the spring but our yard is more like a small alley way. My house is pretty small, its narrow and tall. I prefer wide and short. However, I thought I got a good deal on it when I bought it almost 4 yrs ago but that is another story. Anyways, back to my updates. I hope to continue to keep myself motivated in eating a lot better to balance my sugar levels.

I do have a goal of losing weight as well but am not going to be militant about it. This is because I have a tendency to put too many goals on my shoulders then I only end up crashing and burning. I need to take one step at a time. My doctor agreed. However, eating better will naturally help with weight loss. I do hope to soon start walking indoors at a gym at least once or twice a week with my sister.

We got snow today and quite a bit. I have to say though the winters the past 6 yrs or so are nothing compare to how they used to be. I remember the snow starting in November and going through March. Most of the time there was always snow on the ground. The trend the past few years has been very little snow until mid January. Then we seem to get pounded with it for a month or so then it tapers off. 

I found a really good natural peanut butter. Its sold at Hannaford and its called Nature's Place all natural peanut butter. It has less than 1 gram of sugar. This is a good snack for me at bedtime to help my body not throw out sugar throughout the night. My body seems to go nuts when I am sleeping and it throws out sugar thinking I am fasting. So, eating something with good carbs in it and low sugar will help keep my blood sugar balanced.
My sugar levels in the mornings were always high before even if I didn't eat anything hours before bed. I did some research and discovered the reason is due to either Dawn Phenomenon or Somogyi effect. More about these two here: Dawn Phenomenon & Somogyi Effect

I am a chocolate addict and its very hard to stay away from it. Over the years I  have realized that when I deny myself chocolate then I will end up going ballistic after a few days. This results in craving it really bad and ending up eating A LOT of it.
So, I will give myself a treat now and then when I crave chocolate.
However, I eat smaller portions than before. Doing it this way helps me a lot because I still get to have a treat without ending up going stir crazy.

I will be 40 this year in October. Thinking back I have realized that I honestly enjoy getting older. Why? There is less drama and I don't feel like I have to compete or keep up with the Jones' like I felt when I was younger. I feel comfortable with who I am. I am a very simple person, I love simple things in life. Besides the aches and pains but most of them are due to my health conditions (fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes and some others), getting older is a good thing.

I hope to go on vacation this year again. Last year hubby and I went to visit his sister in North Carolina. We loved it down there. Even if we can't make it to NC, I would love to travel somewhere at least 2 hours away. I can't wait till spring. I love going on road trips even if its just for the day. I love the countryside and nature. Its very soothing to me. I can look at a field and find so many beautiful things that most people overlook. I love to observe nature and animals. I get excited when I see budding leaves & flowers, ladybugs, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, turtles, fish, cool shaped clouds, mountains, forests and so much more. I am in my glory when I am surrounded by nature without the sounds of a noisy city. I even like the sound of crickets!

My car is officially 13 yrs old. Its been really good to me. Besides the normal upkeep and repairs that go along with older cars, it has been wonderful. I do need some minor work on it soon though. This car has been on so many road trips with me, its like my buddy. There is only 116,000 miles on it and I hope I can get at least half of that going forward.
I am faithful in getting my oil changed and checking my tire pressure. Its a Saturn and I am really sad that they don't make them anymore (GM decided to get rid of the Saturn line and company). While it may not be a race car or with mega power (its hard at time to climb steep hills with it), its a long lasting, faithful car. My husband has a Jeep Liberty and I really like that as well. However, my Saturn gets awesome gas mileage. My gas mileage is double of what he gets. I am very thankful for this since our gas prices are nothing to be happy about lately. So, here's to many more years with my buddy Saturn!

I hope you all are having a stress free winter or at least mostly stress free. Don't worry because each day we are closer to spring!!! May you have a blessed day!

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  1. I used to love chocolate too until Hiredman found out he was allergic and we quit having it around the house. Now it is so so sweet.


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