Get my butt in gear!!

I really need to get my butt in gear regarding my health. I have neglected it for too long! I have type 2 diabetes and was in denial of it since I was diagnosed about 5 yrs ago.

Last week, it finally hit home. BOOM! I finally accepted that I have type 2 diabetes and it wasn't just a fluke that over 5 blood tests at the doctor's office in the past few years have confirmed it.  It wasn't something that was going to be wished away. It is here, has been here and is staying for now. Some people can reverse their type 2 diabetes but some can't. It has to do with genetics etc. My father's mother died at 41 yrs old from diabetes. I will be 40 this year. They say that sometimes diabetes skips a generation. My father never had it. I do.

Its scary when you finally man up to the diagnosis. A lot of changes are needed in one's lifestyle. However, the key is to NOT take on everything at once. You will definitely be overwhelmed at trying to change every single thing in your life. So, right now I am focusing on making healthier eating choices. One day at a time. What many people don't realize is that diabetics don't have to live a boring life when it comes to food. We can still eat those mouth watering, delicious foods. We just have to eat them in smaller portions or teensy weensy portions depending on the nutritional/fat/sugar content. However, we can't pack our day filled with small portions of bad foods. We need to realize that we should only have a small treat a day. Whether it be a piece of candy, chocolate, potatoes, fast food or any other kind of wonderful, heavenly, mouth watering food (drooling here). Ha!

Since last week, I have been eating a lot healthier. I am very surprised that my cravings for chocolate and junk food are not as bad as I thought they would be. I think its because I am doing what they call "grazing throughout the day". I eat small things throughout the day instead of 3 big meals. This helps with energy and also balances my sugar levels. I found a really good natural peanut butter that only has 1 gram of sugar. Its really good and its a nice treat. I also have been eating veggie wraps with roasted peppers in them. Oh, let me tell you how good they are!!!!! If you have never had roasted peppers then you really should try them. You can make them yourself or buy them in a jar. The ones in the jar are really good and do not have tons of sodium or preservatives like you would think.

I also am paying attention to what is called the glycemic index (GI) for foods. The foods that have a lower GI number will keep you fuller longer and will not throw your blood sugar up. Look up some websites that have lists of foods according to their GI.

Even if you are not a diabetic, paying attention to the GI factor in foods and making choices accordingly will help you lose weight. You also will have more energy and be less lethargic. Believe me, its doing it for me!

Getting sleep is also very important. However I have always had sleeping problems all of my life. I have a very hard time getting to sleep at night but can fall asleep during the day easily. This is going to be a tough one for me. I really need to slowly change my sleeping habits. My body is so used to going to bed late that I am not tired most of the time until 2am or later. I have to find a way to fix this.

Well, I have a lot more on my mind to write but really should end this now. I don't want to have such a long blog post that people will get ADHD just looking at it. :)

Are you trying to make healthier choices and habits in your life? What are you doing that is working for you? What are you having problems with? I am right here with you, from one struggler to another! :)

~God bless!


  1. Health is SO much about lifestyle choices, isn't it?

    I have heard that a strict raw vegetable diet helps diabetes, almost eliminates it and the symptoms.

    I didn't know that about the GI on foods. I will have to check that out. I don't eat a lot of snacks or pre-processed foods (except stuff like canned tomatoes or canned sauce), though. I do love pasta, however. I know it's bad! LOL

  2. I lost 22 or so pounds last winter only to put it back on. I keep trying to convince myself that I felt better then and it was just a healthier lifestyle.

    I just have this major weakness for pepsi and a few other not so good for me things.


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