More of my summer...

When its nice out, I try to do day trips. It refreshes me.
Here are some places that I went to this summer....

Syracuse Nationals Car Show - My husband and I went to this over our
anniversary weekend. Yes I did enjoy it, I like classic cars!

Sylvan Beach - Its a mixture of a small amusement park with food
vendors and a beach. The sunsets are amazing as you can tell from
my previous post with pictures from there.

Erwin Park - A wonderful park that has a swimming area, picnic
areas, nature walks, a covered bridge, kids play area and sports

Old Forge Lake Cruise - They have different cruises ranging from
1 hour to 2.5 hrs. Very relaxing and beautiful. 

SUNYIT campus - This college campus has beautiful grounds
and nature trails. 

Proctor Park - There are 2 sides to Proctor Park. Each one has
its own trails. I love them both. They are very beautiful and
have been enjoying them since I was a young girl.

Pulaski, NY - My father grew up in this area and I always love
taking a day trip there. I wish my father was still alive to show me
around there though.

The Olde Kountry Market - A store owned and run by
Mennonites. They offer homemade products, bulk foods,
deli, meats and hard to find products. 

Utica Zoo - My city's zoo. Just the right size to be able to
walk through it and not be exhausted or overwhelmed.

Antique Festival - Its fun to look at the antiques and some things
that are not antiques but just considered old. However, the prices
are a bit steep. I know that antiques can be expensive but some 
items were truly not antique....they were vintage. This is a big
difference! Over all, its nice to walk around the festival and
grab a bite to eat. You do see some interesting things!

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