Ok ok I know I am a bit early posting about autumn and putting
up an autumn theme picture on the blog when the leaves
haven't really changed yet. I am just so excited that the colors will
be popping out very soon. I absolutely love autumn. Its one of my
favorite seasons, the other one is spring.

I love the cool, crisp weather. I love the sound of the crunching of
leaves when you walk. I love the smell of hearty foods baking in the
oven and delicious desserts that warm your heart. I love the Fall
festivals & farm fairs, the produce stands, the corn mazes, apple
orchards, pumpkin picking, maple farms, etc. I can go on and on!!!

I don't cook much at all during the summer, its too hot and I don't
feel like making my kitchen any hotter with my oven on. Since the
weather is cooling off now, I can't wait to do some crock pot
cooking, some new recipes and my delicious pumpkin pies and
pumpkin bread.

I also am itching to do some crafts, my craft room is upstairs but
doesn't have an air conditioner in it so I haven't been up there at
all this summer. I would love to paint the large rocks that I
gathered last year, yes last year lol.. am a procrastinator!!
I borrowed a book from the library last year about rock painting
and was so inspired by it that I went out and hunted for nice, smooth,
large rocks to paint. Well, I gathered about 6 but they still sit in the
back of my car on the floor! I want to paint one of them with our last
name on it and sit it on my porch steps. The others I would like to
put some Scripture verses on.

Also, I need to change the theme of my sun porch. Right now it has
an Americana country theme to it. I hand painted some things in an
Americana theme and used some nice light colored country checked
fabric for my wicker loveseat. Since fall is here, I would like to
change it to a harvest/autumn theme. Any ideas what to put out there?
Colors? Knick knacks? Objects of nature?

What are your favorite seasons and why?  Do you like to decorate
your house or a room during a season?

Would love to hear from you!!

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  1. Autumn is SO motivating, isn't it? I suddenly want to organize the house and cook and clean and leap tall buildings with a single bound!!!

  2. Ah, I love autumn, too. The colors, smells, baking, and the crisp coolness that ushers out summer. Unfortunately, winter comes after that, but it's nice while we have it! We actually did some decorating in the house today! Some old family tin-types, retro tins, candles and paintings.

    By the way, I awarded your blog with the One Lovely Blog award here:

    Have a great week!


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