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The state fair in NY is HUGE!!! There is so much to do there besides the regular amusement rides and food. There are demonstrations, exhibits, acrobats, museum items, animal and livestock shows/competitions, antiques, butter & cheese sculptures, concerts, many kids activities, daily parades, pirates high dive show, petting zoos, canine stunt shows, chain saw carving, Harlem Wizards show, haunted house, duck races, jugglers, interactive characters walking around the fair, flowers and plants exhibits, an Indian village which has traditional music and dance shows... and that is not even half of it!!! I can not even list all the things to do, I would be too tired to type it! So, if you want to try to win tickets to see this wonderful event, see the link below!

Win 2 tickets to the NY State Fair in Syracuse, NY!!!!

Here is how to enter:
NY State Fair Tickets Contest

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  1. I love those photos!!! Especially the butter sculpture.

    Thanks for entering my contest! I wish you success. :)


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