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I must admit that I hate cleaning... I never liked it. I guess its because I am
bored with my furnishings. They are almost all second hand and outdated.
I hardly ever buy new, I am not a cheapskate but am thrifty. Right now, I
can't afford to buy any furnishings. I was searching around online for
some ideas to redecorate my home without costing thousands. Well, I
found some awesome blogs and sites that have gotten me motivated!!
I actually did some small decor projects last week for my
sunporch and they brightened my outlook on cleaning lol.

When you have furniture and decor that you actually like then you will
be motivated to keep everything in order and clean! I get bored easily and
that is one of my bad habits. I actually enjoy change. When something is
the same ole, same ole and mundane then I get very bored and itch for
change. When I tell you that I have moved over 15 times in my life (and
am only 38) then you know what I mean when I say I like change!!

I have always tried to find ways to motivate myself to get home projects
done and get deep cleaning accomplished but with not much luck.
Then I realized finally why I despise cleaning so much, its because I am
bored with my home decor. Its depressing to me and I try to get outside
as much as possible to avoid looking at it LOL.

Ok, now back to the subject of this post...the links to the blogs and sites
that I have found recently. I hope that they inspire you as well! Let me
know what you think of these and if you plan to rehab any of your
furniture or take on new decor projects. I would love to hear your

Here ya go:

Before & After

Do It Yourself Design

Revive & Repurpose


  1. Good luck getting that motivation. I am doing the 10 tasks in 10 days and I have to say having a list online that is helping me and I get excited to post the after or cross off.

  2. I don't like housework either. :P But interior designing is something that I find fascinating. :)


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