Renew and Revive

    Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.(KJV) 
Father, we know that without a fresh manifestation of Your Holy Spirit power in our lives, our faith will not prevail when evil abounds in our day.  Just as Habakkuk pleaded for You to manifest Yourself to Him, we also pray for renewal in our spirit so that we remain a faithful remnant fully committed to You.  We choose to rejoice in the Lord our God who enables us to hold tightly to our godly faith in the midst of enemy invasion.  We pray for deliverance and sustaining power so that we emerge victorious during the battle.  Amen.


  1. Amen. I've had a long period of discouragement that has led to a degree of depression, too. To a degree I feel the same ache to move! I guess to a degree the cure is just waiting it out! But things that help me wait out include things that keep our hearts light: laughter is one good one. There is some good Christian comedy; some of it is a little cynical, which I would avoid! But genuinely lighthearted stuff does help. There's actually an internet show that Living Waters does called "On the Box" that is an evangelism education show, but the guys are hilarious! That's one thing that still keeps me laughing.

    Our cat Livvy also helps just by being so cute! Her innocence keeps my heart light. Music, too, helps; I've benefited from good acoustic Christian music. Sometimes a walk outside in the park, sometimes looking at flowers, sometimes just reading a relaxing book, sometimes even cleaning the house.

    If you try to study or solve your way out of depression, though, it gets worse. It's hard sometimes because people see we are down and give us advice, but often we don't even realize that what we really need is just a quiet, heartfelt, "I know. It'll be okay." So, from me to you, "It really will be okay." :) Everything will work out, a step at a time, in its time. Don't worry about going wrong, just wait for the Lord; in all reality He's got everything under control and always looking out for our good. Sometimes it's really hard to just see how, but He really cares for us, deeply, like a Father. :) In times like these we find out how dependent we are on His grace.

    So please be encouraged! We all have differing sufferings, but you're certainly not alone! A joyful heart really is good medicine!

  2. I hear ya about the discouragement. Maybe you could find Charles' Finney's autobiography at the library (they do have it, I believe). It's just amazing, all the things that happened under your very feet, 100+ years ago. Your city experienced a revival, it can again.


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