Salisbury, NC!

My husband and I went down to North Carolina to visit his sister
last week. Before we went down, I wasn't sure if I would like it.
Being from NY state, we talk fast up here and do things at a faster
pace than most in the south. However, I absolutely loved it there!
I have always felt like a country gal held hostage in the city and
every time I get a chance to see nature it refreshes my spirits.

His sister lives in Salisbury, NC which is a small city in
regards to population but the land is spread out. We went to a
drive through animal park called the Lazy 5 Ranch where we
got to feed the animals from our car. There was also a section
for people to walk around and see other animals that were in
cages. I really enjoyed it because I love animals and nature.

We also went to the NC zoo which took about 5 hours to walk
through and see everything. It was about a 5 mile walk through
both sections of the zoo. The sections are at opposite ends and
are named The North America side and the Africa side. 
Besides the typical animals, there are also 2 albino alligators.
A wonderful bird sanctuary makes you feel like you are in the
rainforest with the exotic birds and plants. The trails
throughout the animal exhibits offer benches for rest and also
light misting showers that you can go under to get relief on
the hot days of summer. Although it wasn't too hot on the day
of our visit to the zoo, I went under the mist and felt like a kid
again. :)  We loved the walk (got in our exercise for the day)
and loved everything about the zoo.

The rest of our trip we checked out some shops and ate at an
Italian restaurant, Il Colosseo. I was surprised at how
delicious the food was because many people say that only
NY and NJ can make good Italian food. I enjoyed the
manicotti while my hubby had spaghetti and meatballs.
The sauce was robust without a lot of sugar which
is how I love it. 

NC has a lot of different grocery stores which NY does not
have such as Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Bottom Dollar and
the prices were very reasonable. The produce sections were
the best that I have seen. We bought some seedless watermelon
which was probably the best that I have ever had.

Salisbury has a historic downtown section that offers shops,
general stores and architecture which made you feel like 
you stepped back about 30 yrs. It was very quaint and
refreshing. The general store, Okey Dokey & Co., was one
of my favorites. They sold various items from new to old.
They even allowed my dog to come inside with me but
he had to stay away from the bakery area which was
understandable. I purchased pure honey and apple butter
but wanted to buy so many other things. We had to be
strict with our small budget for this trip due to having to
spend so much money in gas for it ($260).

We loved the weather, it was between 80-85 degrees
each day. There was a slight wind which was very
welcome to help keep the heat at bay. All of the trees
and flowers there are in full bloom. We did not see
any remnants of winter left down there as like here in
NY state.

We hope to make another trip there in the fall. We are
saving up money and hope by then the gas prices will be
more reasonable so that we can have extra money to
do and buy more things.

Here are a few pictures from our trip, enjoy!

Our dog Tobi all tuckered out on the drive home.

The landscape of the mountains heading towards West Virginia.
Sea lion at the zoo (he is swimming upside down showing off his belly!)
The polar bear napping, the nerve!
Albino Alligator!

Giraffes and Zebras Oh my!

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