A friend of mine passed away recently and unexpectedly. When things
like this happen, it causes you to think about things. You look at your
life and remember to appreciate the important things in life. 
It puts you in a reflective mood.

Just a month or so ago, I had hopeful plans of moving to
New Hampshire in a year or two. Now, I realize just how far
away we will be from our family and friends. Yes we can make
the drive to visit in about 4-5 hours but now that seems very far.

I know that God knows where we should be living and I need
to pray about His will and not just my desires.

As Easter-Resurrection Day approaches, may we remember
and reflect on what the day is about.

Its sad to see and hear about children who think that Easter
is all about candy, colored eggs and bunnies. Some of these
children do not know about God or ever saw a Bible.

Let's pray that these families seek God and hunger for
Him instead of a basket of chocolates. 


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  1. These are good reflections; will ponder these things and remember you in prayer. :)


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