Hello and wishing everyone a blessed Easter.

I have been on a hiatus from blogging but will be back shortly,
maybe this week or next.

We went to North Carolina to visit my husband's sister and we 
fell in love with the state. The people down south are so much
nicer than people here in NY state. The difference in attitudes
and demeanor were so refreshing!

God bless everyone!!! Be back soon :)


  1. Nicer than those in NY? I hear you totally! :D This state could use a change of hearts for sure.

    Happy Easter to you to!

  2. Well, hi! I've heard a lot about the hospitality and relaxed demeanor of the folks down South, it's very interesting! Have the trees budded down there already?

  3. @ Alice, the trees already have full blown leaves on them and the flowers are in full bloom as well!! The weather was between 80-85 degrees. Hope you had a blessed day!!

  4. @ Mike, of course there are nice people here in NY state but almost everyone down there says hello to you and they don't even know you. They also stop and listen when you say hello back and they ask how you are. I am sure there are not so nice people there as well like here but overall their attitudes are like a breath of fresh air! Hope you had a blessed day!!

  5. Happy Easter. Nice to see you back.


I look forward to your comments!