Got Gas?

I snickered like a little kid writing that post title :)

I found an awesome site that will tell you how much it will cost you
for gas when going on a trip. You can find one way prices or the
round trip gas prices. It also will tell you where to find the best
gas prices along the way when needed to fuel up.

Hubby and I are going to North Carolina next month to visit
his sister. I can't wait!! I have not been out of NY state in a long
time. We are going to use the website that I am talking about to
do our gas budget.

Here ya go!
Gas Price Trip Calculator


  1. Thanks so much for posting that. I'm in a wedding this summer that is 18 hours away so it's a good tool to use for that.

  2. This is really a neat tool to have...thanks sweetie....you find the best stuff!

    I am happy you get to go on a trip...How FUN! :o) I saw a cartoon with people standing in line at the Bank....all asking for loans to get gas to fill up their tanks....sometimes it makes you wonder???? XO


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