To the single women...

If you are single and are hoping to find Mr. Right, please know
that he does not exist.
However, there are many good men out there. No one is Mr. Right aka Mr. Perfect. We are all pottery which are
in need of constant molding. We grow and learn each day.

Look for a man that lives to love God, others, morals and principles.
Also, look for a man that knows the lost art of chivalry.
These will make all the difference.

I got married at 38 years old (July 2010) and am so glad that
I waited for my hubby. I almost got married about 3 times in the
past but God made sure that it didn't happen because He already
had someone for me. Thank you God. My hubby is one of the very
best blessings that God has given me.

Give the nice man a chance, forget about the "bad boys".
You will know a man's character by how he treats others.
Does he have respect for his parents? Strangers?

Take it from me, I walked a long road of weeds before I came to
the flower, my husband. Your future husband should be your best
friend, your earthly confidante, your earthly protector and
a man after God's own heart. Anyone else will not do.
Save yourself heartache and seek God's wisdom regarding
your future husband.

Butterflies in your stomach and a pounding heart does not
constitute love. Those things will fade as will good looks.

You also need to be ready for marriage. Do you have godly
characteristics yourself? Are you a woman after God's own heart?
Do you seek to be a biblical wife? 

I highly recommend pre-marital counseling. I can not stress
this enough. Also, talk to married couples who have been
together a long time and still love and respect each other.
Get advice from them as well. 

I hope this encourages and inspires the single women, I wish that
I had this advice years ago. But, sometimes we need to learn from
our mistakes. In order to appreciate the sunshine, you have to put
up with the rain. 

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