Memory Lane

Repost: A past post. Why? Because its that good!!!


  1. Oh Lorena...I did not know you were back doing your, I have been enjoying everything I have missed out on....such a beautiful blog. Now that I know you are back up and running I will have to check in now and are on my list of favorites. I think your break really brought you back in full force...lots of great information and uplifting words and music! You have a real gift! God Bless and so happy you are back to your blog....and ALWAYS look forward to your posting on the DS site. I get a big "SMILE" when I see you have replied! :o) (I understand when you have to take breaks, too....totally respect that)! HUGS to you girlie! Love Ya~Tory

  2. Thanks Tory. You are such a beautiful person. Do you have a blog? If not, interested in making one? You are such an encouraging person that I bet it will be a blessing to others and yourself.

  3. Oh MY SWEET know how great I am at the whole computer thing??? But, I love coming to visit your blog and learning something new everytime. You have a real gift for this...You are on the top list of my FAVORITES!!! Thank you for the kind words, my are a real blessing to me! Keep up the awesome work you do for the Lord! Love ya~Tory


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