1. Isn't that the truth! We need to stop and appreciate all the "small" things in life that we over look and take for granted~~~~material things are just a "instant" pleasure....where as watching a beautiful sunset or spending quality time with a loved one or great friend is something that lives on and on in our hearts and souls forever~~~we need to count our blessings everyday!!! :o) Love ya~Tory

  2. I agree Tory! I have been learning the past few years to enjoy the simple things in life. While I was never a materialistic or trendy person, I used to spend a lot of time worrying etc. I also have been learning to become more self sufficient instead of relying on overpriced commercial products.

    Yes, count our blessings daily!!

  3. Isn't it great when we actually GROW and LEARN eventually what is most important in life and when we finally in our hearts and soul can know what is important in this one life on earth and what just does not matter???


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