Got Stress?

Do you feel that your life is full of clutter? I am not just speaking of your house, but also your brain. When you lay your head on your pillow at night, do you find it hard to turn off your brain? Are there too many tasks to check off in one day? Are you stretched thin?

In this world today, we have an enormous amount of choices, too many. We are bombarded with so many things, so much that its hard to make a simple decision. We waste precious time on what to buy, how to buy, comparing, etc. What once was probably a very easy choice to make,  is now a dreaded task.

I hate shopping, I used to like it. However, when I walk into a store, there are too many signs jumping out at me. Its like I get ADHD. I go to the store with my shopping list, but I can rarely pay attention to it due to the "hey look at me" advertisement signs. What should have been a quick in and out trip to the store turns into "my head is spinning, get me out of here" trip. I get in my car to drive home only to realize that I forgot to get the items that were important. I spent way over my budget yet my shopping bags contain things that I didn't really need. I got caught in the web of "buying it because it was a good deal" scenario.

At home, I have a hard time deciding what to make for dinner. Should I try something new or make something that is tried and true? On the internet I sit and ponder about which blog or website should I read first? Which news sites should I check? On my cell phone I try to think of who to call back first? I certainly do not have enough time in my day to do it all. At times I feel like this:

So, what can we do to help de-clutter our days and lives? What can we set in place to weed out the unimportant stuff and accomplish the important?

In my life, I am learning how to simplify.
Do you already do things to simplify your life, what are they? What areas in your life do you feel that you need to work on? As for me, I need to keep the biblical priorities in the right order. I also need to limit my choices and stick to a few tried and true. I am not saying that trying new products is bad but it can be too overwhelming to have too many choices in your life. Do you agree or disagree?

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  1. That's what shopping online is for! :D Sometimes I love going to the store to find those good deals, but overall, I tend to spend way over a reasonable amount. But then I get to review all them on my blog. :D
    As far as Spiritual priorities, I have a set plan in the morning that I keep everyday and it's such a firm habit that it's very hard to break.
    Another tip for the store is to not go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Or bring a certain amount of cash and don't use your credit card.
    Just some good tips I learned.

  2. I do some online shopping Mike but I always cringe at the shipping costs. I do need to stick to my list at the stores and focus, focus, focus LOL.

    Yes I agree with not going to the store when you are hungry, I have done it before and all kinds of ready made junk foods end up in the cart.

    Thanks for the comment Mike!

  3. My Girl Lorena....You must be reading my mind as I have been thinking some of these same thoughts! TO "SIMPLFY"!!!! I love reading your posts...its good medicine! :o) Happy New Year my friend!

  4. Tory, I think everyone can use some simplifying in their lives. God has put quite a bit on my heart on what to blog about. I post it for reminders for myself and to hopefully bless others who read it. Miss you girl!!!

    Happy New Year!!!


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