Frugal vs Greed?



For many years people have been couponing and getting great deals on various products.
If you have the time and energy, then you can really save some money. If you don't have the time to devote, then you most likely will not save as much. Shows and blogs have been popping up everywhere about getting products for next to nothing.

I will admit that I have done couponing recently and have gotten some really great deals.
I caught the "coupon bug" and was excited. I started reading blogs, searching for coupons everywhere, started organizing my coupons and loving the Sunday paper inserts. Each day, I started spending more and more time with this new adventure. I was also trying to encourage my family members and friends to start couponing as well. This new adventure started to take over my life.

As a born again Christian saved by the grace of God, I knew that being a frugal wife was biblical. God does want us to use our money in the best way possible so that we have extra left over to bless others. However, it is very easy to cross the line from being frugal to being greedy. I observed others blogs and testimonies about how they stockpile products that they get for almost free. They use their garage and spare rooms to store these things. They accumulate up to a year's supply or more of various items. Even when they have enough to last them quite a long time, they still continue to add to their huge inventory.

Now, is this biblical? I ask my fellow Christians this. How do you feel about stockpiling?
My opinion is that stockpiling is good but to a point. If one is to only use the items for themselves and not share with the needy, then I believe its greed.

This blog has tips and advice about being frugal and my intention is to help others stretch their money as far as possible. One thing that I do not hope to do is to teach greed.
God has put this upon my heart to write about this. We as Christians have a duty to help others. Also, couponing and being frugal can get to a point of it becoming an idol. We can spend so much time devoted to finding cheap deals that it becomes a priority in life. But, if that priority advances to where it is higher than God or our family, it is not biblical. 
God should always be our number one priority in life, below that should be our spouse, then our family, then other things.

We must be very careful to not mix up our priorities. It is very easy to do that. I have turned biblical priorities upside down many times in my life. I thank God that He knocked upon my heart to let me know the error of my ways. Sometimes, I was stubborn and made excuses for why I idolized certain things and it was quite some time before I admitted my wrong. Many of us do not look forward to being chastized, but I welcome it. Even when I may kick and fight when faced with my errors, deep down I appreciate it. I have a lot to learn and there will never be a time when I can sit back and say that I no longer need to learn. Every day God teaches me something new. I pray constantly for His direction in my life.

While I will continue to post about how to be more frugal in your life, I pray that it only glorifies God. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the fine line between frugal and greed. What ideas do you have for others who do have stockpiles of products? How can they use some of it to bless others? 

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I hope that they bless you as much as they have blessed me.

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  1. Is it GREED or NEED??? Something I work on, too! And when does one take over the other???? OK are making my head work to hard today!!! LOL! You really do make great you help us try to save "CENTS"! :o) Great post and helpful reading~Thank you!!!


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