What Do You Want To See?

What topics do you want to see on this blog? What interests you?

As you can see, I recently added 2 additional pages
(Cuckoo for Coupons and Psst...Contests & Giveaways) Both Coming Soon!

Now, you got my ear, tell me what else you would love to read about?


  1. Maybe decoration ideas, recipes, etc. I like your posts about local community food groups, etc. I also like personal stories, understanding things from the Bible, or just entertaining stories.

    Oh yeah, and more giveaways is nice! :D

    Hope that helps!

  2. Becky, what kind of decoration ideas did you have in mind? For a particular room? Or what kind of decorative "theme"?

  3. I like personal stories, too... and I would love to see more of your beautiful prints! I also really like the beautiful pictures with Scriptures and encouragement that you had posted. And I like to hear about your great deals. :)

    And I certainly don't mind giveaways, either. ;)

  4. Thanks Becky and Renee!!!


I look forward to your comments!