Oooh!!! Cinnamon Honey Butter

A friend and fellow blogger always puts up such rich and lovely recipes.

I have been thinking of making a "butter" recipe and was thinking of apple butter but was not looking forward to peeling and coring so many apples. So, today I was surfing around and reading some blogs that I follow.

Well, lo and behold, Kelli posts a recipe for Cinnamon Honey Butter!!! 

It is a very easy recipe, and most of the ingredients you probably already have at home.
(No trip to the store needed, yay!)

Here is her blog and the mouth watering recipe!! 
Secret Dragonfly's Cinnamon Honey Butter (Click Me)


  1. All these recipes are making me hungry! I have quite a big sweet tooth, and sweet butter sounds fabulous! :) Will have to try it sometime...

    P.S. Thank you for following my blog; I really appreciate it!

  2. Thank you for following mine as well!!!

    I also have a HUGE sweet tooth. I was just about drooling when I put up the post LOL.


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