Oh where in the world is Amelia Earhart?

 So many have pondered that question over the years since 1937. What became of her and the plane? Did you know that she was not alone in her attempted voyage to fly across the world? I didn't know that. Although I haven't done much reading up on her life story, I did hear tidbits and pieces about her when I was growing up. I recall hearing how she was a brave but stubborn woman who was determined to do things her way. She was a rebel in her time.

As I started my morning routine today reading the news online, a story caught my eye. It was regarding a group that believes that some bones which were found may be from the infamous woman. I love mysteries and that was my reason for clicking on the sensational topic. Of course DNA testing has to be done to determine the answer. Isn't it amazing how DNA technology can help us decades later regarding the mysteries of time past?

It will take some time for the DNA results, so for now the debatable question, "Oh where in the world is Amelia Earhart" continues to be unsolved. 

Are you interested in learning more about this historical mystery? Click away!

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