My Giveaway: Free 8x8 Photo Book-Contest Ended

Contest has ended and a winner has been selected, see bottom of post for details.

What to do with the wonderful pictures that you will be taking
of loves ones this Christmas?
Or do you have pictures from a special event?
Want to make them into something special?

I am hosting a giveaway for a Free 8x8 Photo Book
brought to you by Shutterfly.
You will upload your pictures to their site,
then can arrange how you would like the order of the pictures.
It will make a beautiful book!! 

I have a promo code that I will give away to the winner of this giveaway!!

The promo code will expire on 01/30/11 so the winner should upload
their pics and request the photo book asap.

How to enter my giveaway? Each thing that you do below counts as an entry!

*Please leave a comment for each entry that you did and tell me.*

(example: "I tweeted about your giveaway" Twitter name= @JaneDoe)

(example: " My favorite Christmas carol/hymn is Joy to the world) (leave me your email addy)
(example: "I posted about your giveaway on Facebook" My facebook name= JaneDoe)

(example: " I made a post on my blog about your giveaway" My blog link is: " ")


1. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite Christmas carol/hymn 
(counts as 1 entry).

2. If you have Twitter, tweet about this giveaway
(counts as 1 entry)

3. If you have Facebook, post about this giveaway
(counts as 1 entry)

4. If you have a blog, post about this giveaway
(counts as 1 entry)

5. Leave a comment and let me know who has inspired you
in your life and why. 
(counts as 1 entry)

6. Leave a comment and tell me a hobby that you are good at.
(counts as 1 entry)

Don't forget:
*Please leave a comment for each entry that you did and tell me.* 

*Giveaway will end on 12/26/10.
Winner will be contacted via email, Twitter
or Facebook. Winner will have 48 hours to 
respond back to me or I will have to select an 
alternate winner (due to the time constraints of the promo code).

Good Luck!!

Contest has ended and we have a winner!!!!!!

 The winner is #7 which is Jay!!!

Read my comment below
on how the winner was 
Congrats Jay, I will be contacting you!!


  1. I love the song "O Holy Night" (

  2. I tweeted about your giveaway (Twitter username: @Just2Techy)

  3. For a hobby I am good at, I guess you could say snowboarding or motocrossing. Maybe tech and gadget reviews. :D

  4. I love "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"; it's such a beautiful Christmas carol! (email:

  5. I just tweeted about your giveaway! (Twitter username: @dcfblog)

  6. A hobby that I'm good at? Well, I consider myself good at blogging :) But I also love to write short stories; I'm currently working on perfecting that skill...

  7. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Hi Rena!

    I'm new to your blog, but I found you through Mike, Renee, Miss S, Brickster, and Rebecca! :)

    My favorite Christmas carol of all times is "Mary, Did You Know?" preferably by Kutless, but I love just about any version.

    Thanks for the contest! :) Email:

  8. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Who inspires me? I love sing, so one of my "heroes" would be Greg Long (singer in Avalon). I very much admire the forcefulness of his singing and his awesome voice. :)


  9. Hi Rena, Thanks for letting me know you're hosting a giveaway! :)

    My favorite Christmas carol is... hmmmm... I really have a hard time picking just one of anything. (unless it's my favorite dog- Yorkie! LOL) I love Casting Crowns rendition of I Heard The Bells (the one I posted it on my blog). I have another favorite Christmas song that is a humerous one-- I'll post that on my blog soon! :)

  10. I tweeted about this giveaway here:

  11. Who has inspired me in my life and why...

    Definitely it's Nick Vujicic. I am absolutely amazed at that guy. He has an amazing attitude even though he has no arms or legs. Whenever my problems are getting me down, remembering Nick really inspires me. He has confidence and a radiant smile, and if a guy without arms and legs can smile like that and be happy, then I certainly can! Sometimes when I've been feeling down, I've watched one of Nick's videos and they have helped me so much! So that's a person who really inspires me!! (If you didn't already know by reading my blog! LOL)

  12. A hobby I'm good at...

    Well, I'm pretty good at painting. (especially like the designs you saw on the mugs I painted) I plan to learn landscape painting sometime in the future-- It's something I've always wanted to do!

    I also love to make gift baskets and crochet blankets.

    Another hobby of mine is finding incredible deals! It's a thrill getting cool stuff for a small fraction of it's retail value! :)

  13. Tick Tock, time is coming soon for the end of this giveway! Thanks to those who entered so far.
    Good Luck!

  14. We have a winner!!!!!!

    How the winner was picked:

    Each person was assigned numbers by first come basis, and they got extra sequential numbers by their extra entries.

    So, here were the assigned numbers:

    Mike 1,2,3
    Miss S. 4,5,6
    Jay 7,8
    Renee 9,10,11,12

    I used to select the winning number.
    The winner is number 7 = Jay!!!!

    Congrats Jay, I will be contacting you with the promo code for the 8x8 book from Shutterfly!!!


I look forward to your comments!