I am a virtual Salvation Army Bell Ringer!

If you would like to donate to the Salvation Army for their Christmas campaign, did you know that you can do it online? Just a few clicks and some typing.

Please read how the Salvation Army has helped a friend of mine in the past:

I have set up a local team for my area. If you are from my area, would you consider joining my virtual bell ringing team? If you are not from my area, would you consider donating?

To join my team: Please leave a comment here and I will let you know how to join, its very easy!

To donate: Please click below

Mohawk Valley Cares Virtual Bell Ringing Team
Personal fundraising widget for 2010 Red Kettle campaign


  1. I'd like to join! How can I?

  2. Thanks so much Becky for joining my team!!!!!


I look forward to your comments!