A beautiful Christian family of 14

A beautiful woman named Amy has 12 children. She keeps getting blessed by God. She has a blog that I found about 8 months ago. Her blog has always inspired me. If I am ever able to have children, I hope to be a mom like her. Her children are so loved and you can tell from their pictures. I wanted to spotlight her blog because she truly is an inspiration!

Amy's blog:


  1. I did take a look at her blog and she is quite a amazing lady! WOW...i can not imagine what is must be like to have such a large family! I am like you...NO children! She is a real inspiration...thanks for sharing her blog! xo

  2. Hi Rena,
    I am finally getting a minute to sit and send you a special thank you. Your words were a blessing to me today. Funny thing is, I consider myself to be so normal - only busier than some ;). I am thankful to see that you have been blessed by my blog. Have a wonderful day!


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