Bear Each Other's Burdens

Many times when people are depressed, going through a medical illness, going through a crisis etc others will tend to give advice instead of simply being there for the person. I will admit that many times I can be too much of an advice giver. Instead I should rest my hand on their shoulder or give a hug and simply say "I am here for you". While we do mean well when we give advice, it can sound like we are waving off their feelings. I am trying to remember this when others tell me about something that they are going through. I have to put myself in their shoes and think if that I was in their situation what would I want others to do?
Something to ponder.

How do you handle this? Do you tend to be too much of an advice giver too?


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  1. Lorena...you always have great advice and it never comes off as "to much" or like you are waving off their feelings....I think it is always very helpful and filled with love. I think when we really care about someone and what they are going thru...we just have real empathy and want to give that help or any suggestion to possibly help...it's easy just to say...Oh, I am so sorry! But, when you give out a real thought out reply that comes from the heart...that means something...I feel!!! Thats how I knew I wanted to become a friend of yours...I could see you are a very caring soul! XO....this makes you stand out among the BEST!!!!


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