Win a Free Print! Update- We have a winner!!!!

The contest has ended. Thank you all for your entries!

I am holding a prize drawing for a free 5x7 print of the below.

Here is what you have to do to enter: 
On your facebook, Twitter, Blog, website etc put up a link to my blog ( with a description of my blog.
(use your own words)
Each site that you post my blog link on is one entry.
So, if you post it on facebook and twitter then that is 2 entries. 

Once you post my blog link then please comment to this post
or email me at
provide me your name & the site(s) that you put up my blog link
(this is so that I can confirm that you did indeed do it).

I will do a random drawing for the winner on December 2nd.
Good luck!!! 
*Please note that the copyright logo will not be on the print. 


  1. Exciting Idea Lorena! I told about your work on the CCF group...but, I am not sure how to post your blog address...if you go over to my topic...I Love the PIC'S...i wrote about the lovely work you do. Could you post your blog address again for them? I think people need to know about your talent! By the way...i have no web sites or blogs...but, I plan on ordering some prints here very soon. I will e-mail you thru my own e-mail address to find out info on how to pay you with a check to your address if this is OK?? I will spread the word to my friends. God Bless You! Love~Tory

  2. Hi, Rena! I don't have Facebook, but I mentioned the contest in Twitter.

    I hope to be writing about the contest on my blog.

    Hope your holiday was lovely. I did absolutely nothing, can you believe it?!?!

    God bless you. :)

  3. Thanks Tory and Becky!!!

  4. I blogged about your giveaway! :D

  5. tweet for the giveaway as rlee1950



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