I am feeling good today, I thank God so much!!! Today hubby and I are having a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. We will be traveling out of town on Thanksgiving to his niece's house for dinner. So, we wanted to be able to have our own leftovers and that is why we are having a pre-Thanksgiving dinner today. Hubby and I are cooking together, its really nice. We put on some nice music and got the stuff prepared. We even did a slow dance to the music, impromptu and wonderful!!

We are making our first homemade pumpkin pies ( no canned pumpkin). The pumpkins were so hard to cut, wow!! We had to cut them in half so that I can scoop out the stringy stuff and seeds. Hubby cut them but it was very hard to do. They were like rocks!!! I even nuked them for a few minutes to hopefully soften them up. It didn't really help though. Finally, after sawing the pumpkins for quite a bit, they split. I scooped out all the stuff then put them in a big boiling pot. They have to get really soft enough for the rind to fall off. Then I will scoop out the good stuff, add the pie spices, mix it up, plop it in the pie shells and off to the oven they go!

I have the pumpkin seeds all washed and they are drying out on the counter. Mmmmm I love pumpkin seeds. I am going to lightly brush them will oil and salt then roast them in the oven. I am just about drooling typing about all this food. :)

Its really a wonderful day today and evening.... hubby and I accomplished a lot. We also did some household chores. Since I am feeling well I have to take advantage of it and get things done that I was not able to before. I struggle with the fibromyalgia, back pain, knee pain and some other things. I do have good days and appreciate them so much. I just have to remember to not overdo it on my good days....because if I do then the next day I suffer for it. I have to learn to balance things more, one thing I am trying to work on in my life.

These pictures I did not take myself but wanted to put them in this post to brighten it up!!

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