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Love your enemy...this is something that I fail at immensely. I have to learn to hate the sin and not the sinner. I tend to harbor hate for those that disrespect others etc. Hating others is not biblical and I admit that.  Now, that is not to say that I have to like what my enemy does, but I must love him/her despite their actions. I should hate their sin but not them.

I have been praying for God to dispense His wisdom and love upon me so that I get rid of the hate for my enemies. I also need to share the Gospel with those who I would rather not talk to. Some people may think that they don't need God, or they believe that there isn't God, but I was one of those people who never truly knew God in the past. A former co-worker gave me a Bible when I was in my early 20s. From then I finally understood what the Gospel was, who Jesus was and much more. What if my co-worker never gave me that Bible, what if he didn't want to talk to me? Would I have had another chance to learn about God? I need to remember this because when I think that I don't want to talk to someone or share the Gospel with them, its like sitting by doing nothing and watching someone die. Yes, watching someone die. If someone was nearing a cliff but didn't know it, would you warn them? Or would you sit idly by and think that they may not believe it?

The world today wants a multiple choice when it comes to God. They don't want to believe that God exists or they want to make up their own god. No matter how much our stubborn minds and hearts wish for a multiple choice, there isn't. Everyday a person dies, and everyday another person dies without knowing God. Once they die, they find out that God does exist, but its too late. People joke around and say "yeah I am going to hell, at least I will be with my friends and have beer". Do you really want to know what hell is like? Do you think that its a gathering of people having a party? You may not want to even imagine what its like, so you make up what you think it may be like. Does that change hell? No, it does not. No matter what we conjure up, no matter what we pretend, the fact of hell will not change.

For those that believe we were made from the big bang theory. Have you ever researched the human body? All the intricate nerves, cells and such that all work together to keep us alive....or how each organ works. Imagine the heart for a second, it beats millions of times in our body over years. How does it keep beating? What about the lungs, how do they know enough to keep the good air and remove the bad? Do you think that the big bang theory is behind this? No, its God. God is in control. Look up animals on the discovery channel website, do research on them. Who taught them to care for their young? How do they know how to live? God did.

Who made the brain so that scientists can learn and discover things? Do you think that a rock from outer space did that?

Did you know that satan can do miracles as well? He tries to mimic God. He can twist and turn things to try to get you to believe that what he did is from God. For example, lets say someone goes to a pyschic (pyschics are not biblical). The pyschic tells them that they will have good financial news soon. The person wins the lottery, and they think it was from God. Well, satan can do that, he can make the person win the lottery and brain wash them to think it was from God. So, what does the person do... they keep going to the pyschic. What happens from this? The person becomes obsessed with the pyschic and the readings so that they have distanced themselves from God. The pyschic becomes that person's life idol. An idol does not have to be a statue, it can be a hobby, a job, a person, money, etc. Anything that takes us away from God and we put that thing above God is an idol. Now, see how something that seemed innocent (even though its not biblical) like visiting a pyschic can turn our backs on God?

I have done this myself, I have put other things in my life above God. Everyone has. No one is perfect. But, we must recognize it, admit it, confess it and get back to God.

At times I am afraid to share the Gospel with others, I think that they won't talk to me anymore or they will think I am a religious nut. However, its not about religion. God did not say for us to make a religion. Jesus did not like religion. Religion is something that requires vain rules, regulations etc. The Pharisees in the Bible thought that they were better than others because they outwardly followed religious practices..but their hearts were far from God. God doesn't want us to be like that. He doesn't want us to be robots on the outside and cold inside. He wants us to love Him.

Are you a parent? Do you want your child to follow all your rules but not love you? Don't you just want love? Yes it would be nice if children followed all the rules AND loved us....but no one is perfect. We are not perfect. We will always sin but we can ask for forgiveness from God. We can ask God for His wisdom, patience and love daily.

Many churches do not teach the true Gospel. If you want the true Gospel then you must go right to the Bible. Start with the book of John. There are churches out there that teach right from the Bible but you have to look hard for them. What good is a church? Well, a church can not save you from hell, it can not forgive your sins, but it can provide fellowship, support and love. You won't go to hell for not attending church but you will if you deny God. Open a Bible and realize just how wonderful God is. Below are some good links:

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