What I have been reading...

I do a lot of reading. I read books, magazines, and online articles/websites. I can never get enough of reading. I hunger for it. Here are some great links that I have found.

This one showcases my city. Its good to see positive news about my city instead of the usual negative. Utica- There is some good left here!

This site tells about a wonderful woman who was a true hero. I have never heard of her until just a few minutes ago when I found her story. Rumor has it that she was passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize and instead Al Gore won. That is simply disgusting to me that he was chosen over this woman. However, this woman does not need the media's approval, so many lives have already appreciated her. She will forever shine like a star in the midnight sky. Rest in peace Irena, God Bless You!

Irena Sendler

The Irena Sendler Project

This is a news article about a wonderful girl who is a positive role model. So often we hear so much bad news about kids. It is so refreshing to hear about the good that kids are doing and striving for!!

Anais Morales

Let me tell you, it was so fulfilling to read these three sites. We have too much negative news in the world. We should start speading the positive news more often!!

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