What's been going on...

It is so beautiful outside today. We plan on heading up north for a nice country ride.

Last night we went to a Christian concert, the singer was Wade Hammond. He was really good and we bought one of his cds. He is from Alabama. His website is He has some really beautiful songs and he also sings hymns. I wanted to put a few pictures up here that I took but for some reason they won't upload... I will try again later or another day.

We had a missions conference at our church this week from Sunday until Wednesday. A missionary from Spain was here, she sang and has such a beautiful voice. The conference was to bring more awareness to how important it is to help support missionaries. I took a few pictures of the conference and will try to upload them too.

We have set a tentative date for our wedding, we just have to iron out a few details. I will most likely be in July. We were going to elope but instead decided to have a ceremony here in Utica but no reception. Maybe down the road we can have a small get together for a reception. I have to find a dress and have quite a few styles that I like. I am not picky, I prefer something simple yet beautiful.

He is really close to getting a transfer here for his job. We hope that it won't be too much longer before he can move here.

We have been heading out on our short road trips and enjoying nature.

On a sad note, a friend who is also my coworker was diagnosed with cancer. She battled cancer in the past and hope that she can win this battle again. It's all in God's hands and we have to remind ourselves of that.

I hope everyone is enjoying each day that God has blessed us with. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Take time out to be nice to strangers. Enjoy the moment. Try not to worry about tomorrow.

God Bless

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