Ok ok, I usually do not like shopping anymore.. I used to love it though. However lately I can not seem to stand the crowds. I do not like it when I am trying to look at something and people are hovering in my personal space. When people do that, it usually prompts me to walk out of that aisle and be a bit teed off. I am trying to control the "teed off" part. I have my faults, am far from perfect. I have been praying for God to grant me LOTS of patience.

Ok...back to the shopping topic.. today is Salvation Army 50% off sale!!! I don't mind shopping at their thrift stores because they are big enough so that people are not hanging all over you. I am looking for a second hand kitchen set. My table that I have now is too big for my little nook in my kitchen. So, I have the table in my living room and my living room does not have a couch yet. My love seat is in the nook in my kitchen...funny huh? It actually looks cute though...its like a little reading/relaxing area in my kitchen. I will have to take pictures when my fiance comes here this evening for a week visit, YAY!!!!! He has a digital camera that I love to use and since I don't have one tis is why this blog does not have any pictures on it besides internet graphics. But that shall soon change!!

So I hope to find a new second hand kitchen set.... also am looking for curtains, totes for organizing etc and whatever else pops in my mind while I am shopping there.

My good friend Winnier and her daughter will be joining me on the hunt for thrifty treasures! Girls day out for sure :)

I hope the weather is nice today.... enjoy your day wherever you are in the world!

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