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I got engaged a few weeks ago but we are not going public with it until Valentine's day. We have not set an official date and we are not planning on doing things the way that most do them. We are not into spending thousands of dollars on a wedding, reception etc. I am not the type of woman who has to have materialistic stuff and "the perfect" wedding. I actually cringe when I hear women talking about details when planning their wedding. It's like they have to have all this stuff for what? To show off? It's one day, you don't have to spend so much money and get all stressed out over one day. So, to avoid the stress, nonsense, bickering and financial chaos... we are going to elope.

People these days put more work into planning their wedding rather than working on their marriage while in it. They just think it will come so easy to be married....then when problems or issues come up... they don't know how to work through it, so what do they do? They say they want a divorce or separation. What happened to give and take? What happened to working through things, compromising and communication?

Enough of that, I got off on a tangent. Anyways, we have to decide who is going to move. He owns his house and lives almost 2 hours away. I own mine. That is on our table of things to ponder and come to a decision on.

I have an old fuse box and had some problems with the on/off switch not staying on. National Grid was nice enough to come out and help me with it. They got the switch to stay on and the heat and lights returned. That was a couple months ago..well a fuse blew the other day and of course it always happens in the evenings or weekends when it is hard to reach someone. I went down to the basement and the on/off switch was stuck, it wouldn't let me push it down for "off". I needed to change a fuse and I always put the switch off before I do... I am not taking ANY chances. So, here I am with a flashlight by myself trying to push the dumb handle down... and it is sitting there mocking me and laughing.. I am sure I heard it!!! lol

I gave up and was tired of sitting in the dark so I lit a candle and called an electrician. I prayed and told God that I am not going to get stressed over this, that it is all in His hands. I also prayed before I called an electrician so that God can lead me to one that won't be dishonest etc. The guy came right away and was really nice. He got the handle to go down after a few times, he changed the fuse and I asked him about switching to a circuit breaker. He gave me a rough estimate of the cost, I also needed to get some other wiring done in the house and he gave me a rough estimate on that. Altogether it would be about $1900. I told him to come back when he had time and we can do a contract proposal for the work. I was a little worried about the money because I didn't have $1900 laying around to use. So, I prayed again for God to take it all in His hands.

Well today I finally did my taxes and I am getting enough money back to cover the $1900 and still have some left over. I never got this much money back before because am single and don't have any dependents. I attended college last year and I am getting education credits for the tuition that I had to pay. I still didn't think that I would get this much back, even with the education credits. I was so overjoyed and so thankful to God for always providing for me. He always does!! Just when I think that I won't have enough to pay a bill or for a repair.. God always finds a way!!!

Another subject.... this winter for some reason has made me feel blah. I just want to lay around and be a couch potato after work. I haven't had much motivation to do housework (like that is exciting anyways lol) or other things that I have on my to do list. I have been reading some books on prioritizing the things in your life and how to get motivated. The books have been inspiring me! I accomplished a lot the past couple days and checked off quite a bit on my to do list. I actually  have more energy and am motivated to check off more. I can't wait to spring though, winter is not my kind of environment. It's not even the cold, I don't mind the cold as long as it's not below 10 degrees... it's the snow and ice... and things are just somber and blah outside.
So I am trying to keep positive and am looking ahead to spring!!!

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