Learning to be Content

Many people don't know how to be content, they are always writing wish lists etc. Always looking for a new thing to make them happy. Why can't people be content with what they have right now? Happiness is not in materialism or trying to find someone to make them happy. Why do people base happiness on false perceptions?

I am content right now. I don't have the new tekkie gadgets. I don't have trendy things. I don't follow others. I am at peace. I have learned to be content and appreciate what I have. God has blessed me immensely. These blessings are not what many will think of as blessings, but to me they are. God has given me much wisdom, strength, patience and endurance. I still seek more of His blessings though. Each day I learn more about Him and I hunger for more. My path is not always straight, sometimes it is crooked and sometimes its stagnant but He has led me far. Looking back, I can see just how much He has gotten me through.

I appreciate the little things in life that many never even notice. These little things have brought me such joy.

I hope others will learn to be content. Step out of the rat race and stop trying to keep up with the Jones'.


Confidence in Troublesome Times

Charles F. Stanley
I. Introduction: Do you ever feel that life is one challenge after another? The truth is that hardship comes to everyone sooner or later. However, we can have confidence in troubled times by remembering four simple biblical truths.
II. Message:
A. God controls our circumstances.
  1. As believers, we have the reassurance that God’s will is sovereign over everything (Dan. 4:35). He can bring good even out of negative experiences (Rom. 8:28; Ps. 103:19).
  2. The Lord allows difficulty in our lives. Why? One reason is to teach us dependence on Him.
B. God will meet our needs.
  1. Since the Father allowed His own Son to be sacrificed for our salvation, we should trust Him to supply all we need (Rom. 8:31; Phil. 4:19).
  2. God will withhold a blessing for one of two reasons: He wants us to learn to rely on Him, or He knows it isn’t best for us. Like a good parent, He gives us everything we need, not everything we want.
  3. His ultimate purpose is to conform us to the image of His Son, not to grant wishes or make life comfortable (Rom. 8:29). However, we can learn to be content, regardless of our circumstances (2 Cor. 12:9-10).
C. God is always with us.
  1. The Lord promises to be with us at all times, although we may not feel His presence and loving care. If you have received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, His Spirit lives within you (Rom. 8:35-39; Ps. 23; Matt. 18:19-20).
  2. Those who reject Jesus do not have this promise (John 14:6).
D. God loves us with an eternal love.
  1. The Lord loves us even in our sin because that is His very nature: God is love (1 John 4:8). However, He despises ungodly behavior (Rom. 8:35-39).
  2. In Romans 8:28-35, each verse is an expression of the Lord’s love.
  3. God governs our lives, but that doesn’t mean our existence will be trouble-free. For example, one Chinese man spent 20 years in prison for refusing to deny His faith in Jesus Christ.
III. Closing: When unexpected tragedy or hardship comes your way, remember that God is still in control. The heavenly Father will provide for your needs in His timing. Place your trust fully in Him, and you will have confidence in every circumstance you face.-

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