Post for the Ladies

I am going to keep this post as family friendly as possible
because this is a family friendly blog. However, I really
wanted to write this post on a product that I bought.
This is not a sponsored post, I purchased this with my
money. The company does not even know that I am writing
this, but I wanted to share this with other women.

I have been seeing some commercials on tv (which I hardly
watch tv but when I do these commercials are on) regarding
a lady's undergarment. Most of the "As Seen On TV"
products are garbage. The infomercials act like if one
lives without their product it's torture LOL. Their over the top
and exaggerated portrayals of not having the product
versus having it are hilarious at times. The actors seem to
be in so much pain without it and they are all smiles
and living in lala land with it. At least they are
entertaining right? :)

Well, I saw a product on the shelves for an
"As Seen On TV' genie bra. I have no idea what
made me pick up the box and buy it. I usually steer
clear of the infomercial stuff. When I got home I tried
it on and I was so surprised and happy with how
comfortable it is. I am so glad that I took the chance
with this product. There are 2 in the box and they are
just under $20. I think for that price and for how
comfortable they are, it's a steal !!!

So ladies, if you are looking for something really
comfortable, I already did the "try it before
you buy it" work for you!

Hmmm maybe I should contact the company to
see if I can get paid to be a reviewer. I may be
able to get another box for free!!

Daily Encouragement

With the many bad things going on in the world, we need to be encouraged. We need a break from the rat race, the bad news, the disappointments, etc. We need to step back and get refreshed.

Hope this website and their facebook page bless you as much as it has for me. Wishing everyone a wonderful, joyous week ahead!

Website: Encouraged by God
Facebook page: Encouraged by God

Who doesn't love brownies??

One of the blogs that I follow, What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine, has great recipes. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood, and even though I am not Italian, I have many memories of the food when growing up. My friends would invite me to their house for dinner and boy, I loved it! My ancestry is a mix-- Irish, German, English and Dutch. We also have delicious dishes!

So, today, I found this brownie recipe that is different from the rest. While it's not an official Italian dessert, who can say no to brownies? I will be trying it soon. If you do, let me know your feedback on the recipe. Here's to chocolate!! Mmmmm

Peanut Butter Graham Brownie


Day Trips

Every spring and summer, I love to go on day trips. Nature is so refreshing to me. I love going on drives to the countryside, walking on nature trails, finding roadside stands that sell produce, waterfalls, seeing all of the beauty of nature. Here are some pictures from my day trips this year so far.

What do you like to do that refreshes you and puts joy in your heart?

Forest Park
My doggie excited to head out!

Green Lakes State Park
Green Lakes State Park
Pratts Falls Park
Pratts Falls